• Oct 14, 2020

Wellbeing and behavior of dogs depend not only from external conditions, but also from congenital features. As the genetics influences on wellbeing and behavior of dogs?

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Influence of genetics on health of dogs

A huge number of problems which face as dogs, and them owners, are caused by the current state of cultivation of dogs. Including creation of a set of breeds of very exotic look. These are dogs with shortened muzzles, dogs with the long case, dogs tiny or huge. Any the excess which is artificially created by the person costs much to animals. Such dogs, alas, often suffer from congenital diseases.

There are more than 300 genetic diseases of dogs. 63 of them directly are connected with features of the building.

For example, now "in to fashion " brakhitsefala – dogs with the shortened muzzle. This feature which so is pleasant to some people leads to the most serious problems.

Brakhitsefalam, such as pugs or the French bulldogs, it is banal difficult to breathe. Present that you have constantly a stuffy nose. Unpleasant feeling, not whether so? And these dogs live so all the life. As a result they cannot conduct full-fledged life to run, play with relatives and even normally to walk.

They often suffer from overheating.

Time of a dog with the shortened muzzle also is normally cannot.

They sleep badly (and try to get enough sleep with a stuffy nose!)

That is if to call things by their proper names, it will be fair to tell that such dogs suffer 24 hours a day.

That we can make to help dogs

Scientists and veterinarians of the whole world sound the alarm long ago. Also offer different solutions of problems.

One of them concerns manufacturers and judges at exhibitions. Conscientious manufacturers whom the wellbeing concerns dogs can change approaches to cultivation. And not to pursue more and more flat muzzles. And judges should pay attention to similar exotic and not highly appreciate it, giving preference to health and wellbeing.

In a solution veterinarians are capable to play a role . They can educate owners and also potential owners of dogs. Demand defines the offer, and the less will be persons interested to get a doggie with the shortened muzzle, the manufacturers will think earlier. And for the owner not the fashion or "a lovely look", but health of a dog and an opportunity to conduct normal life has to be a priority.

Owners of "exotic" dogs should show consideration for health very much and to wellbeing of pets. In particular, to watch that the dog breathed normally. And if the canine friend began to snuffle or snore, address the veterinarian. Especially if it is difficult for dog to walk or her state worsens over time. Also it is worth watching that pets did not overheat.

One more way to facilitate life to a "exotic" dog – to replace a collar on breast-band. Thus pressure upon a neck of a dog will decrease, so, it will be it is a little easier to breathe.

In addition, it is necessary to watch that the weight of a dog was normal, obesity – additional risk factor.

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