• Feb 5, 2021

Zh ivotny often help us. So, deserve our help when in it need.

Person and Horse of a Photo Close Up
of the Photo: pixabay.com

Researches prove that communication with animals is useful for ours health. At owners of animals the blood pressure and level of cholesterol is lower, than at those who do not communicate with pets. Elderly owners of dogs are 21% more rare see a doctor. The children communicating with dogs and cats during the first years of life, suffer from allergic rhinitises and asthma less often. Communication with animals contributes to intellectual development of children. The list can be continued.

Volunteers in programs of an animaloterapiya often are surprised to the fact that them animals cause the ready response in the people battling against psychological or physical illnesses. Those who help to care sick AIDS for their animals through the MSPCA's Phinney's Friends program know that animals can give to people. And use of an animaloterapiya grows in the helping professions. Therefore, though I was impressed by article about how horses are used for the help to disabled children ("Hooved Healers," p. 6), it did not surprise me.

Before horses at us a special debt. As they were considered in the first turn as working animals, treated them often badly. One case ill treatment as a result of which two horses were tired out to death, in 1868 inspired by George T. Angell to create MSPCA. Though horses do not live at us in houses, the majority of these animals contains in quality of partners today. However, if the horse gets sick or is injured, there is a risk that she will not receive due leaving because of the size and specific requirements.

Eventually if horses and other animals help us, unless should not we to help them?

Author: Gus W. Thornton

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