• Jan 15, 2020
Guinea pigs are not similar
to pigs habitual to us at all and are not their relatives. These lovely small animals are included into group of rodents. By the way, they have no relation to the sea too. And if at you there lives a guinea pig, it is better not to experiment, forcing it to swim: the small animal will just drown. How pigs became sea?

Why guinea pigs are called quite so?

This name "stuck" to rodents not at once. The Spanish colonists populating America called small animals rabbits in the beginning. And further – there are several versions of how events developed.

On one hypothesis , small animals were "called" pigs because the sounds made by them reminded grunting.
The second version "blames" for all a shape of the head of rodents.
The third claim that the reason is in taste of meat of guinea pigs which, is told, reminds meat of dairy pigs.
By the way, still in Peru these rodents eat. Anyway, they are called as "pigs" for a long time.
As for prefix "sea", it exists only in the Russian and German languages. In Brazil, for example, they are known as "an Indian mumps", and the English-speaking public knows them as "Guinean pigs".
Most likely, the prefix "sea" is "stump" of the initial word "overseas". Guinea pigs were brought from far-away countries by the ships, here and christened exotic small animals guests from overseas.

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