• Sep 7, 2018


Lorna Beck spent house time on the most usual Monday when suddenly her dog by nickname Rosie ran to the room, with emotion swinging a tail as if wanted to tell something. She ran there, back, waiting looking at the hostess until that followed for it to the yard. There Lorna found an unexpected find of Rousey – a hedgehog who desperately needed the help.

photo: thedodo.com

The prickly stranger got stuck in a drain. He fell there forward the head and itself would never get out. Lorna understood that it is necessary to cause the organization of the help to animals urgently.

"The hedgehog who, by the way, now, is called Spike got stuck there hopelessly" — Herchi Boul, the representative of the organization who left on a call told.

Herchi quickly assessed a situation and tried to pull out an animal, having pushed a hand in a protective glove in a drain. Spike, however, was very frightened that strongly complicated a rescue operation.

"The hole in a drain was very narrow. I could push a hand down, but every time Spike was displaced in a ball, thereby being protected. Then I, of course, could not get any more it as it became too big. At the same time I worried even stronger because the pipe was filled with water, and it was possible to hear the gurgling sound from its breath. I tried to hold his head over water that it did not drown".

Boul tested everything that only came to her mind to release a hedgehog. She even used a jump rope, in hope to raise the prisoner that he could scramble upward. At last, after 45 minutes of unsuccessful attempts, Spike was tired so that forces to be afraid and be turned in a ball, at it was not any more. Then Boul also pulled out a hedgehog on a surface, to safety.

"It was such simplification! And all thanks to Rousey" — she told.

photo: thedodo.com

After wonderful rescue, Spike was brought to veterinary clinic to check whether he earned any damages. Fortunately, the hedgehog was absolutely healthy and will be able to go to freedom in several days. If Rosie did not find Spike who got into trouble, his adventure, most likely, would end sadly. Therefore Rosie is the special heroine in an event who made sure that the captive was helped.

"When we released a hedgehog, Rosie jumped on all yard as a little puppy. It was visible that she very much is happy with herself — Lorna told. – After it it, certainly, got many pochesyvaniye behind an ear and vkusnyashka."


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