• Feb 2, 2019

into two "castes": while some worked food hunting or protection, others enjoyed the privileges of wealthy owners. Persians and siamk, Pekineses, lap dogs, Italian greyhounds and other royal breeds were lazy in rooms of the nobility. In rich families of a cat and dog live as in paradise, luxuriating on silk and tasting an ambrosia. But is it actually?

As Royal Cat Breeds and Dogs Live in Rich Families

Royal contents

The forage bowl, clear water and darling is near — here it, happiness! It appears, not everything is so simple. To take the same mattress: the pet cannot sleep on a usual laying in any way. the Plank bed has to correspond to the status:

Royal Keeping of Animals

  • with the regulator of cooling and heating;
  • orthopedic, sewed taking into account characteristics of breed;
  • a multystoried sleeping complex with the closed and open, soft and rigid, equal and bowl-shaped sections at choice;
  • the tiny copy of the mansion will approach too. At least, the chihuahua and Paris Hilton's cats noblewomen are happy with the mini-version of the personal residence of the hostess in Hollywood;
  • an upholstery from natural silk, skin of a slope or a skin of a tiger. Or perhaps polar fox, mink, gold thread? Who knows that the favourite will choose — it is necessary to try everything!

Have a sleep — it is possible and to eat . Charming dzhek-rassela of Marayi Kerry and an Australian shepherd of Amanda Seyfried eat only the dishes prepared by the personal cook from ecoproducts. It is necessary to serve rabbit fricassee in worthy ware. Perfectly crystal, a bowl from Versace for $800 or bone porcelain from Tiffany will approach. It is not shameful to eat food from a silver bowl from Goyard as it is done by Shuppet's cat — love of all life of Karl Lagerfeld. Of course, it when she has dinner at home, but not at Le Voltaire restaurant where the chef prepares for the special guest of a dish according to special recipes.

Royal Breeds of Dog

The dense lunch can cause desire to descend in a toilet. Yes not idle time with the cheap coal filter, a rug on powder and a modest automatic blind. Far more solidly the separate toilet bowl connected to the sewerage. The clever toilet itself will wash away affairs, will wash out and will dry up filler. And if it is the Japanese device, also will tell something encouraging by the owner's voice.

Many cats and dogs live in rich families as in elite kindergarten — mountains of very expensive interactive toys, huge game complexes and … nurses! At their Madonna's dogs was three, and the state constantly grows! Someone should entertain pets while the hostess increases a state. Dogsitter not only will play, but also will walk a dog of royal breed. And if the pet is chronically sick, the agency will send the nurse with veterinary education.

Image — all!

Practical clothes for dogs — a useful idea. The cat has enough also the fur coat unless the collar with a jingle is useful if the owner wants to stop hunting for birds. But in rich families of cats and dogs not just dress, they live side by side with the cream of society! Evening dresses, business suits, fur coats, sportswear. In any case dresses haute couture — besides them, "is necessary" for the favourite the mass of the things designed to emphasize image of royal breed:

Image of Royal Cat Breeds and Dogs

  1. Hairpins, tiaras, rings on a tail and paws with gemstones. Though hardly the chihuahua and the French bulldog of Madonna realized the cost of the presented jewelry.
  2. Hats, sunglasses, ties from eminent brands. The modest leather collar with a coquettish bow from Louis Vuitton will cost only $300.
  3. Tablets that gases smelled of cream, roses or chocolate. Though awkwardness perfectly masks also zooperfume. For example, Sexy Beast Style with notes of vanilla and a bergamot for $800.
  4. Dressing gown, slippers, pajamas. Shorts for dogs from Roberto Cavalli for $150 ideally will emphasize a nonexistent waist of a pug.
  5. Manicure (or pedicure?) in color of nails of the hostess, false eyelashes! Pasted on ears of Swarovski or diamonds. And the choice not always depends on that in how rich family there lives a cat or a dog. Matter only in degree of desire to show to the world an opportunity to squander money is more often.


The Lady with the Dog

The Lady with the Dog in a handbag — the last century. Now it is fashionable to carry pets in a baby sling or to carry in the most real carriage! If it is a dog, the status of the owner will emphasize the very expensive pair dress reminding identical clothes for parents and children. Cats were lucky more — they are just "locked" in carriages or backpacks with a transparent window.

Besides secular receptions, rich families visit very specific places with the dogs and cats. For example, the last years the yoga, courses of drawing and meditation — steam rooms, the pet and the owner is popular in South Korea and Japan.

Europeans love drawing courses too, and still singing and dances. Lady Gaga attaches лабрадудля Fozzi to painting that he did not miss in the absence of the hostess.

Entertainment complexes and brothels where lonely pets can communicate to tribespeople become fashionable. Demi Moore with the chihuahuas regularly visits yoga and sessions of acupuncture. George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston drive the numerous dogs on massage and in Spa. For stress relief and improvement of an emotional condition of the chetverony friend is a great lot of opportunities:

Oxygen Chambers for Animals

  • oxygen chambers for a relaxation;
  • day spa;
  • massage centers;
  • akvakompleks and pools;
  • gyms.
  • sunbeds. All this the special institutions serving only animals.

For royal breeds organize photoshoots, will organize birthdays and weddings, even make out inheritance on the favourites.

For example, Oprah Winfrey bequeathed to the cockers 30 million dollars! Fortunately, not in all rich families pets live as in a gold cage. Most of them hardly realize the high status of the owner.

Oprah Winfrey

Numerous corgis of Elizabeth II freely ran on the palace and fell down a vpovalka where will take in head, often arranged a noisy game of tag and actively invited in a game of guests of monarchical family.

Putin's dogs, an Akita of Yume and the Bulgarian sheep-dog of Buffy, quite often frighten journalists by menacing look, and even we bark. Vladimir Vladimirovich shrugs shoulders "And what you want? Working breeds. They regularly perform security functions".

In favourites at the head of the Czech Republic Darci's retriever, and at the royal family of their Netherlands even two — Nahla and Skipper. The president of France Emmanuel Macron took the metis of a Labrador from a shelter. Mutely behaves as the most ordinary dog — loves noisy games, does not wish to leave the owner and easily can make a pool during the important meeting. Unlike dogs, monarchs and presidents have more and more cat not purebred. Perhaps favourites without family tree do governors slightly closer to the simple people?

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