• Feb 26, 2019


In Moscow the curator "forgot" nineteen dogs on overexposure.

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Unfortunately, and in the volunteer movement not everything is always beautiful and noble. Becoming the volunteer, the person realizes that he is responsible now for those who cannot help themselves. It would be very desirable that so it also was.

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But also volunteers are different. The recent case of refusal of the curator of animals which occurred in Moscow excited many. The message about meanness and untidiness of the curator flew about social nets. Even the name of the so-called volunteer – Alyn of Aleksandrovn Kokorin (Alina Abeja) is known.

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Photo: instagram.com/explore/tags/брошенные_собаки_алины

Here that the curator of doggies answered the person who took them on overexposure.

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Yes, once again the person betrayed animals … It is the fact! Let's not understand the event reasons. We pay attention to the main thing: on overexposure there were thrown dogs. Nineteen live souls!

In the announcement it was told and that tails to feed there is nothing, and cleaning of the territory is not carried out …


Thanks to not indifferent people, it was succeeded to collect a certain sum and to buy a forage for each dog. But this temporary solution of a problem.

Of course, there is a wish that everyone собакен found the house. But, first of all, doggies need new trustees.

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