• Jan 16, 2020

the Owner of the car in Colorado received a valuable lesson after someone got into its car and decided to take a fun there. Of course, the car interior after stay in it of the clumsy guest became, to put it mildly, not a so presentable look: the rubbed-off covering, the destroyed seats. And all food that was in the car — is eaten …

But how the bear managed to get into the car?

 bear. salon, car, wild zhviotny

photo Source: Jefferson County Sheriffs Office

The most interesting when the owner found clumsy in the car, that very quietly slept … And car doors were blocked from within!

All the matter is that the owner of the car left it, without having closed a door. At this time the bear who is walking about nearby, most likely, scented a smell of the food left in the car and decided to regale.

Why is also not present?!

After the bear came to be in inside of the car and ate all food that there was, it, probably, accidentally blocked a door. And, without having managed to be chosen, decided to take a nap.

Here video as the bear was taken from the car. On it it is possible to see also the upset owner: repair of the car will become it in kopek. After this incident it is obvious: this person precisely will treat more attentively the vehicle.

Be vigilant!

Video: Jefferson County Sheriffs Office
By the way, it seems, very much was pleasant to a bear human food therefore he can move off in searches of not locked car … again

About an unusual incident with participation of a bear published the message and office of the sheriff of the District of Dzhefferson: "We often warn that to leave the car unblocked is unsafe. It can not only provoke thieves, but also as it appeared, to attract a bear".

Be careful and do not leave a door of the cars open!

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