• Jan 15, 2020

Once a fox with smart silver wool by nickname Zoe was saved from the farm which is engaged in production of fur. And this real miracle.

photo: thedodo.com

Zoe – a hybrid of two species of foxes who would never meet in the wild nature. They were crossed especially for that the manufacturer received beautiful fur with a silver outflow. If not the lucky coincidence in 2012, would expect a fox a sad fate – to become a fur coat.

When only a year was Zoe, she was saved from hands of "razvedenets" and placed in the reserve for big cats in Germany. There it was waited by sunlight and tasty food. After rescue, the fox long got used to the new house where there was no place about fear and pain.

photo: thedodo.com

And in 2016 near the reserve there was an event which changed Zoya's life it is even more.

Locals reported about an unusual animal whom they began to notice in the city. It was similar to a dog, but was covered with silvery wool.

photo: thedodo.com

When the animal was caught and brought to the reserve, it turned out that it is not a dog at all. It was foxes. Same unusual, as well as Zoe.

The unexpected guest called Frodo and found out that he suspiciously quietly behaves at communication with people as though it is already accustomed to hands. It also prompted from where he undertook on city streets.

The operating Tierart says:

"As silvery foxes do not live in the nature, and Frodo seems absolutely manual, it is possible to assume that he was kept in quality of a pet, and then just threw out on the street. Unfortunately, some manufacturers still are engaged in sale of such exotic pets … We were glad to provide it the real house".

The fact that two such rare foxes appeared in one reserve – certainly destiny. However inspectors did not hurry to acquaint them, in view of the fact that foxes jealously treat the territory.

Frodo was put to the open-air cage adjoining Zoya's open-air cage. Then they were divided by a fence through which they could sniff each other and get acquainted slowly.

photo: thedodo.com

Only one night that foxes got used to each other was enough. In the morning employees found them densely lying side by side, with a grid in the middle. Soon after that Zoe and Frodo gathered in one open-air cage and since then are unseparable.

Friends do together everything: are heated on the sun, play and survey their new expanded possession.

Out of the wild nature of a fox live up to 14 years. Zoe now 7, and Frodo about 4 therefore, ahead of them long and happy life together still waits.

photo: thedodo.com

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