• Feb 2, 2019


As the huge moray eel became the stranger's prototype: danger to the person and feature of fish

Despite a bright colourful coloring, appearance of this fish really repellent.

And if to consider that circumstance that huge moray eel became a prototype of "stranger", there is no pleasant emotion left from acquaintance to it at all.

External data

The small eyes with prickly expression of predatory eyes located on disproportionately big head of a colubrine body make general repellent impression. Nearly 200 kinds of these fishes are known, but are of the greatest interest to oceanologists Javanese гимноторакс (a moray eel huge).

the Giant among the relatives can reach three-meter growth .

Weight such small fish can be 35 kg. Thickness of a body of this monster is comparable with thickness of a leg of the adult. This monster lives in the equatorial and tropical waters and waters of tropics.

Reasonable aggression

Moray eel: danger to the person and feature of fish

Its size though impressive, but also not maximum among sea inhabitants. That is the danger of this look does not depend first of all on dimensions. It is directly connected with extraordinary aggression of this being.

Fish is not afraid of anybody , attacking even opponents who much more surpass her in the sizes. She carries out a throw at once as will feel the movement, without feeling at the same time the slightest fear. Yes it, generally, and not surprisingly, considering what impressive arsenal this predator possesses.

Danger of a monster

Impressive arsenal of teeth which is possessed by this not sickly small fish served that this giant became a monster prototype from a sensational horror film. Teeth at it difficult. The first row of hook-shaped teeth is located in a special way. The canines bent inside leave no chance for production on rescue.

the Given wounds are simply awful. Their morbidity cannot be expressed in words. Even if the victim will also manage to escape from a deadly grasp of a predator, then death all the same will overtake it through a short period.

Initially scientists explained death of the victims with existence in saliva of a moray eel of the strongest poison. Actually business is much more interestingly.

The organism of the monster is in symbiosis with a huge number of pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria. Danger of death consists in the following mechanism of action:

  1. "Living" on teeth of a moray eel, microorganisms eat the remains of her production.
  2. During a sting millions of "cohabitants" get to a wound of the victim.
  3. In a wound they instantly infect production of fish.

Thus, fishes, animals, and sometimes and the person die of infection.

As the Huge Moray Eel Became the Stranger's Prototype

Scientists consider the most mysterious and frightening tool the second pair of sliding jaws . The mechanism of its action in accuracy was repeated by authors of the movie "Stranger".

When fish takes production, at it the principle of "double capture" works. Besides that in the victim the first jaw with curved teeth pierces, one more mechanism of the second jaw "is thrown out" of depth of a mouth of a moray eel. It repeatedly clamps and spoils unfortunate production.

Considering the fact that moray eels, hiding, wait the production in an ambush, bathing in waters of tropics, it is never necessary to thrust hands or legs in a mink on a seabed. Otherwise the person simply risks to get directly into teeth to "the alien monster".

Sea friends of a moray eel

In spite of the fact that this predator is so dangerous, it in sea waters has also friends. It is about a grouper with whom at a moray eel close symbiosis. Both of them are sea predators. But in certain cases the perch just cannot reach production (for example, crevices of coral reeves). Then the perch resorts to the help of a moray eel. He comes to a shelter of the monster and "leads" it to the hidden production.

the Brisk moray eel without effort gets the victim and, having much gorged on, shares it with a grouper. Are happy there are both "workmates".

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