• Jan 17, 2020

the Kennedy Spaceship has two engines, width of each of which is five feet. Of course, designers, having an opportunity, would make them more volume, but, alas, could not. Why?

 the Spaceship takes off a photo

Photo: flickr.com

But because it is possible to deliver engines only by rail, and through a narrow tunnel. And between rails the standard distance – is slightly less than five feet. So to make engines is wider, than five feet, are just impossible.

And the railroad was done by an example of Great Britain, and in Great Britain railway cars were created on similarity tram, and those, in turn – on a horse tram sample. Which axis length just is also slightly less than five feet.

Horse trams had to точнехонько get in a track of the English roads – it helped to minimize wear of wheels. And between koleyam on roads of England the distance was exactly 4 feet and 8.5 inches. Why? Because Romans – according to the sizes of the fighting chariot which length of an axis equaled to 4 feet 8.5 inches began to create the English roads.

From where this magic figure undertook?

The matter is that Romans harnessed in the chariot, as a rule, two horses. And 4 feet 8.5 inches are the width of two horse croups. If the axis of the chariot was longer, it would break balance of "vehicle".

 Chariot drawing of a photo

Photo: pixabay.com

So even in our educated century of conquest of space the highest achievements of intellectual power of people continue to depend on width of a horse croup directly.

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