• Jan 25, 2019

Most of people loves dumb animals, many get to themselves pets. Unfortunately, on streets it is often possible to meet hungry cats and dogs. For them shelters function, they are helped by volunteers, but there is not enough all this in order that all cats and dogs were full and had tent. And abroad homeless animals live in a different way.

Animals Shelter

Homeless children in the USA

There are no homeless animals in America. The cat or a dog walking without owner — a rarity. How so did it turn out? It is all about the legislative base . According to the law, the person who found a dog or a cat cannot take away an animal to himself, it has to give him to control service which will define the foundling in a shelter. Each pet has to wear a collar with the owner's address therefore the probability to lose the favourite comes down to 0.

Homeless Animals in the USA

Despite all these measures, in shelters there are a lot of animals. Generally they are caught by special service. Sometimes owners give to a shelter of favourites. But their most part nevertheless finds the family.

It is worth noticing that Americans have no concept "mongrel", all for them are equal.

Animals from shelters are adopted. That to make it, the person needs to meet the following conditions:

Love to Animals

  • The adoptive father has to be not younger than 18 years. Besides, he is obliged to provide the ID card.
  • All cats and dogs who already belong to the person interested have to undergo vaccination.
  • The potential owner has to have the residence permit at him already available pets.
  • The person interested has to provide documents on the basis of which he disposes of housing in which there will live a pet. If the house is rented, the additional agreement with the lessor concerning an animal is necessary.

The cost of adoption fluctuates from 50 to 175 dollars. The sum depends on age of an animal.

Experience of Germany

In Germany, as well as in the USA, there are no homeless animals. Moreover, Germans became the first who entered point on protection of animals into the Constitution. The state really cares for the rights of canine friends and establishes penalties for those who break them. For example, the owner who threw out the pet on the street is obliged to pay a penalty of 25 euros . Besides, the government intends to reduce birth rate of animals. Even for professional manufacturers quotas are established.

Homeless Animals in Germany

The pet in Germany — heavy responsibility . Owners of dogs even pay for them a tax which amount depends on where the person and his pet live. The sum starts from 100 euros a year for the first dog, and from 200 for everyone the subsequent. All combative dogs will be more expensive: the tax on them makes 615 euros a year. It is caused by the fact that such dogs most often appear in shelters.

All pets surely are registered during which number is assigned to them. This number is engraved on a collar, and on an ear do a tattoo with its print.

Shelters in Germany nevertheless exist. Through their whole country there are about 500. In a shelter citizens of the country can buy the pet. It is possible to buy a cat for 75 euros, and it is necessary to pay 170 euros for a dog. The newly made owner without fail signs the contract on the humane attitude towards the pet. Employees of a shelter can sometimes visit him to make sure of it. Besides, cannot be resold or presented the pet without the knowledge of a shelter .

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