• May 22, 2020

Six-year-old Beck in perplexity. His eyes give that fear which captured a dog. And the most terrible — in many respects with it happened he blames himself. Did not look through, did not take care, not always was obedient, showed to the hostess a little as much she means to it and as great was to them together. It, konecheno, exaggeration, but who knows what occurs and what is felt by dogs when they get into similar situations?

Unfortunately, now Beck will not be able to express the feelings, his hostess suddenly died. The medical error cost her life, and for a dog is the whole tragedy. All life flew before his eyes, so quickly events happened. The girl was refused to be hospitalized, despite her complaints to wild pain which, under the assumptions, arose because of pancreatitis.


Пес was left to the mercy of fate. Relatives and acquaintances of died did not want to take the adult six-year-old pet, remotely similar to a Shar-Pei. And in vain, he — a real miracle, though is cracked morally, though does not know what to it next to do and how to be. But, despite it, character at it excellent. Contact, tender, obedient, kind he looks for friends. The guy understands that it is impossible to find replacement to the died friend, but to get new — the good idea. And to it is what to offer, Beck is an excellent friend!

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