• Oct 6, 2020

This red beauty in antecedents was, most likely, the real star though from its past it is known little. Unless about its titulovannost. A dog well-mannered and it is obvious that once she was domestic. Her caress, tenderness, awe and attentiveness to the person shouts of it. The infinite aspiration to spend time together, to communicate, walk, learn something new, to be favourite, useful, necessary and most to give to the person excessive support.

She is only 4 years old and besides the star past and memories of life with the favourite hostess who is absent any more, at a dog nothing remained.


Но but at it is its most important — her compliant gay character, devotion, sympathy, inquisitiveness and beautiful appearance. And it, probably, except the last, is more expensive, than any awards. Mind and awe to the person — worth its weight in gold! Here it here gold in literal and figurative sense, thanks to a solar color looks for the house. We wish not to get lost this story in thousands of dog destinies thrown and betrayed, and to find the house quicker and to bring to it happiness.

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