• Jan 15, 2020

19-year-old Gemma and her family found in hay on the farm five lonely young foxes age no more than two days.

When their mother did not return behind them, the family began to worry that the car on the busy road near their site could hit her. Being afraid that kids will not survive, the family took away them to itself.
the Initial plan was as follows: to bring young foxes to veterinary clinic from where they will be released in the wild nature when time comes. But there was everything not so simply.
the least and weak girl young fox, having for the first time opened eyes near Gemma, strongly became attached to it. Being among people since such early childhood, the baby just did not learn to be the real fox: it could not hunt and avoid predators. Then the girl also made the decision to take away her to itself and the dogs. The young fox was called by Viksi.

photo: metro.co.uk
Gemma tells
"In soul of Viksi unambiguously a dog. I perfectly understand that, despite everything, it – an independent wild animal. But I also know that now when it is so attached to people, it is dangerous to set her free. Wild foxes, having scented a smell of people from it, can take Viksi for production".

"Our farm huge, she can run across all its territories. Therefore she conducts very quiet, weakened life and every day leaves to investigate everything around, coming back home only in the evening".

"Everything occurred so quickly, then we did not even understand that the opening moment a peephole at foxes is so important – whom they see the first, that also is a mother. Of course, we knew that it is necessary to work quickly, and brought young foxes to clinic at once after found them. 3 young foxes from a dung released, and one more remained to live among people, as well as Viksi".

of Viksi got acquainted with all dogs of Gemma. But one of them, a Labrador by nickname Long, accepted the baby not at once and did not understand that Viksi wants from it when that began to play. Now everything changed – they are the best friends and just adore each other.

photo: metro.co.uk
of Viksi goes for dogs everywhere, copies their behavior. She even eats dog food, and attempts to give it chicken or other meat were not crowned with success. She just carries them on the house and hides to the secluded place.
Gemma tries to accustom a fox to a lead to walk her together with dogs. For now Viksi wears a collar with a hand bell which helps to define where it is as chanterelle so fast that it is difficult to follow it.

finished the Fence around a farm and made it absolutely safe. Will not be able to slip the Viksa for it, and predators will not be able to make the way on a farm.

photo: metro.co.uk
of Viksi always returns before dark, always remembers where her house. She sleeps or on Gemma's bed, or under a sofa. She is also accustomed to a toilet and in the house uses a special tray.

Some people, of course, treat Viksi and its accommodation on a farm not really kindly. On it the answer at Gemma one: "It would be remarkable to release her in the wild nature, but it is very dangerous. It is good to it to live with us, and so far it under our roof, it is only our business and does not concern nobody else".

photo: metro.co.uk
Though Gemma also protects Viksi, it does not propagandize foxes as pets at all.

its situation is unique: "Though Viksi and the member of our family, I would not recommend to get foxes. They are very exacting in leaving and are not suitable for life in the ordinary house".

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