• Mar 14, 2019

of the Dog, as well as people, are subject to avitaminosis. The few know how this disease is shown at the person. What to tell about dumb animals?

Symptoms of avitaminosis at dogs: 10 main manifestations of a disease

Nevertheless it is very dangerous to animals therefore it is necessary to distinguish and cure in time if it did not manage to be avoided.

There are 10 symptoms of avitaminosis at dogs who will help to find a disease.

Symptoms of a disease

If the canine friend does not walk, on the street at him various diseases which can lead to avitaminosis subsequently can develop. But if the dog after all got sick with this disease, then its the main signs are:

Avitaminosis at dogs: ways of treatment

  1. Fatigue. Instead of walks and games, sleeps more and more.
  2. The worsened appetite. The dog ceases to eat.
  3. Weakness. The animal lies more and more, unwillingly goes for walks.
  4. Problems with skin and wool. There are bald spots, skin diseases become a problem.
  5. of the Problem with weight . The dog does not gain weight, and most often, on the contrary, grows thin.
  6. Bad growth. Development stops at one level.
  7. Infertility. Long time an animal does not become pregnant.
  8. Problems with depletion. There are all of them more as result of bad food.
  9. Differences of mood. The animal becomes aggressive or, on the contrary, too quiet.
  10. Decrease in protective forces of an organism. The dog even more often is ill as a result of the lowered immunity.

of the Reason of emergence

Avitaminosis is the disease developing as a result of poor nutrition at which in enough there are no vitamins.

Then appears weakening of an organism.

Appearance of a disease is also promoted:

Avitaminosis at dogs: reasons

  • Infectious diseases.
  • Digestive tract diseases.
  • Use of medicines.
  • Growth period.
  • Pairing period.
  • Pregnancy and feeding of puppies.
  • Helminthic invasion.
  • Sharp temperature drops.
  • Age of an animal.

it causes avitaminosis in dogs. What it happened, at a dog the diet and daily walks has to be balanced.

Ways of treatment and prevention

To cure a dog of avitaminosis, she needs to give all those substances which are not enough for it. But it is better not to self-medicate can lead to tragic consequences.

is the best of all to take away a dog to the veterinarian that it defined what vitamins need to be entered into a diet and the period of their reception.

Everyone registers in connection with a symptom, for example:

Vitamins for a Dog

  1. Vitamin A if at it the appetite begins to worsen.
  2. Vitamin B. This element helps to have good appearance.
  3. Vitamin C. At deficiency of this substance at a dog violations functioning of digestive tract is observed and the liver begins to work badly.
  4. Vitamin D. After winter at all dogs the shortage of this element is observed. It influences a musculoskeletal system.
  5. Vitamin E influences work of a reproductive system and prolongs animal youth.
  6. Vitamin K. This element is responsible for a condition of blood. At its absence can lead to a lethal outcome.

If in an organism of the pet is not enough some of these substances, deterioration will be able obviously.

П омимо a stern, undoubtedly, should be given to a dog also porridges — oat or buckwheat. Still it is worth entering greens and dairy products into a diet, they will also do good to the pet. If the animal eats only industrial sterns, then it is worth choosing a forage under breed of a dog.

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