• Aug 13, 2019

It would seem, lovely and harmless entertainment — start of balloons. They so beautifully soar in the sky! But balloons constitute danger of death to animals.

 Balloons in the sky of a photo

Photo: pixabay.com

by What balloons are dangerous to animals?

Each balloon released into the sky all the same returns sooner or later to the earth — only not in the form of a cheerful ball any more, and in the form of garbage. Animals can eat by mistake the blown-off or burst balloon, to get confused in the tape tied to it and to die as a result.

The meeting with balloons sadly comes to an end for many animals. Among them there are birds, whales, dolphins, turtles, cows, sheep, dogs and other animal species.

 the Turtle eats the photo balloon

Photo: google.by

Balloons are especially dangerous to sea turtles — these animals eat jellyfishes, and rags of balloons often take for food.

problem Scale such is that defenders of the nature sound the alarm: for the last decade the number of the released balloons increased three times! So, from a meeting with this "joy" more and more living beings perish. Some countries and also a number of states of the USA introduced restrictions for use of balloons.

About what advertizing lies?

Some producers say that their spheres "biodegradable". However, approving it, businessmen, to put it mildly, dissemble.

Latex spheres are not biodegradable — chemical additives and dyes interfere with it. They safe and sound "live" for many years. So statements that latex spheres are safe for the nature — no more than the myth.

The joy of observation of the ball flying in the sky lasts only several moments, but the polluting effect of them lasts much longer.

Refuse start of balloons!

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