• Apr 20, 2020

Lisa is that mongrel, having met whom on the street, heart presses with pity and melancholy. And if such homeless children are adopted — with gratitude. But gratitude — the last that can be tested to Lisa's owners. The dog on the verge of death, half-dead, to death scared, in numerous hematomas, bruises and grazes was delivered in a local clinic for animals.


Как it could befall the domestic dog who grew in the family which is once loving it? Lisa's eyes — apogee of kindness, caress and devotion. Than the little defenseless harmless being could salt to the person so to beat him within an inch of the life? Really ripped slippers or a puddle on a floor could lead in violent rage of the person?

Lisa as millions of other tails on the planet, just very much misses all day favourite members of household. Of course, she can become interested some in household items or not to keep the natural rushes from melancholy. Same living being! It breathes, moves, it has bodies which works. The dog has feelings eventually! Attachment, caress, care, sense of responsibility for the owner, feeling of unity, feeling of safety, mutual support, feeling of family!

People can meet, disperses, to change work, the residence. People are free in the actions, people strong on spirit, people self-sufficient. With animals everything is differently. For them people — the whole world. The owner — the Universe to which they infinitely trust are absorbed by interests and affairs of the person. It is their guide. Their inspiration. The incentive to be better. The person — the most cheerful devoted reliable friend and the colleague. And this communication — the only thing that in fact the dog who was sheltered has. Present now what to Lisa after she was cruelly beaten by the closer by her people? Her heart is broken.


Помимо hearts, Lisa injured bodies. The baby endured operation. It is written out from a clinic and there is no place to send it more. Back to the former house — categorically is not present. There she will be killed simply. The dog physically will not sustain the second beating. Lisa has still a big stress after the events. She needs the maximum support, accurate gentle leaving, understanding in everything. We believe that Lisa will find new family, this baby is worthy the good relation to herself.

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