• Jan 16, 2020
History of this blue-eyed princess is similar

to the fairy tale … Terrible, but with a happy end.

 huskies Photo: instagram.com/ricoocir

Случайный the passerby could not just pass by the exhausted dog. Though how many to him passed … Attached, in a muzzle, she was left to die on the street.

How many days this small exhausted creation did not eat? What life did it have prior to a meeting with the savior? Why it appeared one in the middle of the street, on a chain? It was forgotten or specially left? There are no answers to these questions as, however, and to a limit of human cruelty …

But miracles happen!

Video: instagram.com/ricoocir

10 months later the foundling turned into the beauty! And all thanks to love, care, boundless belief in good.

Now, looking at this beautiful well-groomed dog, it is difficult to present that else quite recently it was on a hair from death.

Let's a thicket work wonders! You do not pass by animals who, perhaps, need your help.

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