• Feb 5, 2019

researchers for a long time. Recently at detailed studying of physiology of Amphibia of a frog prompted a biomarker of bezrubtsovy regeneration at Amphibia.

Fabric Regeneration

This the ability was noted not only at frogs: it is present also at a salamander and tritons who are capable to restore a tail, extremities, the lower jaw, intestines, a retina, heart, a spinal cord.

Healing at Amphibia

Smooth Shportsevy Frog

Scientists carried out regeneration studying at the representative of Amphibia — of a smooth shportsevy frog .

Special attention of researchers was riveted on activity of a specific gene of prx1, in particular, of activity of a factor of a transcription of this gene.

Observations showed that later a wound surface on a back and a back extremity of animals completely acquired day epidermis , and 30 days later — were almost completely restored:

  • shit;
  • sekretorny glands.

It is remarkable that overgrowing of fabrics at a frog happened without scarring, how it occurs at mammals (with formation of a hem as a result of the strengthened synthesis of collagen of a fibroblastama).

Value of a research

Regeneration without Scars

Data which scientists managed to receive as a result of this research, confirm ability of an organism of amphibious to regenerate fabrics without developing of scars .

Such results unambiguously indicate the need of further detailed studying of the mechanism of action of a transcription in which it is involved pair гомеобокс (prx1 gene). Identification of all chain of reactions as a result of which the gene of prx1 stimulates bezrubtsovy regeneration at amphibians is also necessary.

the Scientific community assumes that the full sekvenation of the specified gene and further stimulation of its activity at mammals will help to make break in medicine, having created the mechanism of bezrubtsovy regeneration and at mammals.

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