• Jan 17, 2020

Now a huge variety of breeds of dog which differ including as wool exists. There are dogs short-haired, long-haired, wire-haired … and is without wool at all! What breeds of dog without wool from where they undertook and how to look after them exist?

As breeds of dog without wool appeared?

In spite of the fact that on all continents, except Australia, found dogs without wool, it is considered that the homeland of bald dogs – Africa. Exactly there were unusual dogs who have wool or absolutely disappeared, or remained on the head, a tail and fingers.

it is probable, breeds of dog without wool is a result of a mutation which was fixed subsequently.

Some believe that dogs without wool are hypoallergenic, however this delusion. So if you have an allergy and decided to get a dog without wool, it should be taken into account carefully this question and to communicate at least to several representatives of the chosen breed to understand whether really you will be able to live in one house.

What there are breeds of dog without wool?

FCI (The international film logical federation) officially recognized 4 breeds of dog without wool.

American naked terrier

In 1972 in a dung of hunting dogs the puppy without wool appeared. He became the ancestor of breed the American naked terrier.

 American naked terrier of a photo

On a photo: American naked terrier. Photo: wikipedia.org

The American naked terriers are small dogs (growth up to 40 cm, weight is about 7 kg). Skin at them pink with reddish, golden, black or grayish spots.

It is playful mobile dogs, clever and friendly though, as well as the majority of terriers, are a little stubborn. The hunting instinct is still strong in them so the American naked terrier often shows aggression in relation to other animals.

Chinese crested dog

Now dogs of this breed are quite popular including thanks to the exotic appearance. However not only bald, but also so-called "down" dogs, quite to themselves "fur" occur among representatives of breed. You can find detailed information on this breed of dog without wool in our encyclopedia: Chinese crested dog .

 the Chinese crested dog without wool at a photo exhibition

On a photo: Chinese crested dog. Photo :

Ksoloittskuintli (xoloitzcuintle)

According to a legend, xoloitzcuintles were conductors of souls of the died Aztecs to the world of spirits therefore doggies burned together with the owner's body.

 ksoloittskuintla (xoloitzcuintle) of a photo

On a photo: ksoloittskuintl (xoloitzcuintle). Photo:

Xoloitzcuintles – graceful long-legged creations. The sizes of a ksoloittskuintla can be standard (45 – 60 cm in withers), averages (36 – 45 cm in withers) or tiny (25 – 35 cm in withers). The weight of xoloitzcuintles varies in the range of 11 - 18 kg. By the way, occur among puppies both naked, and covered with wool.

Xoloitzcuintles are benevolent, intelligent, easily study and do not bark how much in vain. They adore attention and hardly transfer loneliness.

Alas, but xoloitzcuintles are often called "the ugliest dogs in the world".

Peruvian bald dog

One more breed of dog without wool – the Peruvian bald dog who in the homeland is considered national property.

 Peruvian bald dog of a photo

On a photo: Peruvian bald dog. Photo: wikipedia.org

There are 3 kinds of the Peruvian bald dogs:

  • Small (height in withers of 40 cm, weight is 8 kg).
  • Averages (height about 50 cm, weight are about 12 kg).
  • Large (height about 60 cm, weight are about 23 kg).

Skin of the Peruvian bald dog can be any color, from beige to black, monophonic or spotty. At some dogs wool on paws, a tail, along a backbone and on the head grows.

On character the Peruvian bald dogs quiet, patient, but at the same time quite active. They without being deliberated rush on protection of the owner.

How to look after dogs without wool?

As it is easy to guess, representatives of breeds of dog without wool need special leaving. Can seem that it is easy to look after such dogs, they do not fade, but the owner is waited by many other efforts.

It is worth washing dogs without wool twice a week with use of special care products for such dogs. After bathing it is necessary to grease skin of nonhairy dogs with special cream.

It is necessary to process dogs without wool sunblock cream in the summer not to allow burns. And in the winter, certainly, bald dogs need clothes and footwear. Besides, for all year leather of nonhairy dogs needs to be processed the moistening means.

Often dogs without wool have digestive tract diseases so it is necessary to select for them a forage very carefully. Also at them problems with teeth are frequent.

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