• Jun 12, 2020

the Blizzard endured the real hell. At first the destiny villain threw it a fate to be the stray thrown dog and to look for ways of rescue most. The blizzard passed long, laborious, sometimes a painful, lonely way from the rotten remains of the cutting canned food, till chilling nights on the cold crude earth.


Но its gray hungry everyday life were diluted once by not indifferent woman. She noticed the lonely wandering blizzard which eyes yearned on love and care, regretted the baby and took away in a local shelter. There Blizzards were glad. The dog was washed, fed, surveyed and defined to the open-air cage. Sterilization was coming a blizzard and, perhaps, in the future she could be released.

It is planned it was fated to be carried out. The blizzard was sterilized. And all nothing, of this story there was quite beautiful picture with a happy outcome where look after dogs and look after. But! The shelter name with, apparently, perfect reputation in a flash turned a synonym "fleecing". Witnesses reported Moscow colleagues that dogs of a shelter "The house of a northern dog" repeatedly vanished dogs, at some of them after hit in hands by the volunteer of the company the state of health sharply worsened on certain circumstances.


Например, one of dogs ran away, the wound, fresh huge reasonable to a bone, was found in another on a back. The fourth was hit by the car, and this fact was suppressed by employees! The next victim was found necessarily in the field. Residues of wool and bones of the baby at which and without it its previous owners — the only thing scoffed that reminded of existence of an animal.

The blizzard got a fate not less tragic. It operated literally on a dirty rag, seams sewed up with the threads not suitable for such procedures. Full insanitary conditions and careless ignoring of medical technology. As a result in the field of a basin it was formed creeping away a seam with a hematoma, a necrosis and a tumor in a spleen. A part of fabrics rotted through so that the area became inoperable. At the Blizzard it was literally disemboweled!

Surgeons undertook the head, learning episodes of keeping of dogs in this shelter. Them it is urgent who could be saved, took away to the capital. Now other children and the Blizzard in safety. They already also said goodbye to thoughts again to get on feet and to be happy. Let's wish to the Blizzard and other wounded tails to recover and be somewhat quicker happy.

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