• Aug 14, 2019

The television of the 90th strongly is associated with various foreign TV series like legendary "Elaine and children" or Santa Barbara and also with cult transfers, many of which still remember with heat. "Hour of triumph", "Guess a melody", "The jungle calls" … at one thought of them come back at that time. Among the most popular programs there was including "A White Parrot club. It enjoyed such national love that few years ago on some channels there were repetitions of its releases. And as the glorified transfer has though mediated, but the attitude towards birds, we decided to tell about its history.

White Parrot

If not legendary Yury Nikulin, "The White Parrot club would not exist. The actor loved by all all life collected jokes, was able to tell well them, and the idea about the comedy show was born. It was born 1993. Yury Nikulin and Eldar Ryazanov acted as her co-founders, and authors — Arkady Arkanov and Grigory Gorin.

Actually initially there was a speech only about one release with the purpose to advertize recently published "Anthology of jokes". However after its stunning success it became clear that to continuation to be. Ryazanov acted as the leader of the first two releases, further he was replaced by co-hosts Gorin and Nikulin. The people's artist was also elected the honorary president of club and unanimously recognized as "soul" of all program.

Yury Nikulin did not become in 1997 then even the idea to close "White Parrot club as was beyond the power to replace the actor to nobody was discussed. But then clubmen decided that Yury Vladimirovich would not forgive them transfer closing, and continued its release in memory of the legendary actor. However in spite of the fact that the format remained invariable: still it was the club of fans of jokes, and different celebrities were on a visit invited, all had a feeling that "something not so". Together with the great actor also "magic" of club left. Having existed some more years, "The White Parrot club was closed.

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