• Aug 13, 2019

Veterinarians and fans of animals of all civilized world began to sound the alarm long ago. For example, in social networks there takes place the campaign with a hashtag #BreedtoBreathe during which problems with health from which suffer of a dog-brakhitsefaly . The campaign is also directed to inducing veterinarians, manufacturers and all persons interested and having influence (for example, experts) to influence a situation and eventually to come breeding healthier dogs, though less exotic.

The French Bulldog Brakhitsefat a Dog of a Photo

Photo: maxpixel.net

However as one of initiators of the campaign Hayley Atkin, a problem with health whose roots lie in exotic appearance considers, concern not only dogs-brakhitsefalov and even not only animals partners.

not only animals partners Suffer

Initiators of a campaign suggest veterinarians, manufacturers and other interested persons to develop the principles of cultivation uniform for all animal species directed to reducing degree of "exoticism" of appearance of animals with the purpose to reduce risk for health, so, and increases in level of wellbeing of future generations of "dumb animals".

For example, in Great Britain recommendations which concern both animals partners, and inhabitants of farms are already developed. Certainly, cats and dogs, but besides them — and goggle-eyed small fishes, and " animation " the Arab horses, both poultry, and many others are mentioned there.

the "Animation" Arab horse brakhitsefat a photo

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As veterinarians can influence manufacturers?

Initiators of the company lay many hopes for veterinarians which face every day the victims of selection and have an opportunity to influence manufacturers. How veterinarians can correct a situation?

  • Whenever possible to participate in researches.
  • to Advise potential owners not to get animals with exotic appearance which negatively affects health and wellbeing of the pet.
  • to Support the idea of sterilization of animals partners with exotic appearance to avoid problems in the next generations.
  • to Support manufacturers who make the decision to breed healthier animals, let and with less exotic appearance.
  • to Offer consultations for potential owners of animals with exotic appearance to warn them about potential problems with health of pets and about decline in quality of life of the victims of selection.
  • not to use in advertizing and marketing materials of the image of animals with exotic appearance.
Of course, efforts only veterinarians insufficiently. It is necessary that all fans of animals thought that health and wellbeing of those for whom people are obliged to care is sacrificed to "beauty" and "fashion".

Animals cannot stand for themselves. They can hope only for us.

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