• Oct 9, 2019

Cats passed a difficult way. They happened to visit both goddesses, and witches.

In Ancient Egypt cats were adored. God of the sun of Ra in "The book by the dead" is called as "a great cat". The goddess of night, birth and fertility Bastet was represented in the form of a cat. Small animals were sacred animals. They were worshipped, fed with the best food and in case of danger saved first of all. Murder of a cat, even by negligence, was punished by death.

There is a belief that because of cats Egyptians lost fight to Persians. Kambiz, the Persian tsar, collected a huge number of cats, and each soldier held a small animal instead of a board. Egyptians who could not risk their lives gave in without a fight.

In Rome cats were considered a symbol of independence and freedom. One of these small animals steadily accompanied the goddess of freedom – Libertas. Not without reason Spartacus placed the image of a cat on battle flags of groups of the risen slaves.

The Koran is favorable to cats. According to a legend, Magomet had to go on affairs, however on a sleeve of his dressing gown one of favourite cats dozed. Not to disturb her, Magomet cut off a sleeve.

Japanese consider a cat the patroness of one of the Tokyo temples. The small animal is represented with the raised pad. It is Maneki-neko — the cat bringing good luck and happiness.

Absolutely not so treated small predators in medieval Europe. People were afraid of them because of a nocturnalism glowing in the dark an eye and silent movement. Cats were announced the embodiment of evil spirit, fiends, helpers of witches. And if not threat of invasion of rats, they would hardly live up to now.

Especially black cats were not lucky. Even now the meeting with them is considered a bad sign.

However, not everywhere. In England there is a belief: so far in the house a black cat, the danger does not threaten the fisherman in the sea. And if the black cat steals a march or will run to the house – you are waited by joy. If she sneezes near the bride, family happiness is guaranteed to that.

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