• Jan 25, 2020

the Average British cat violates rules of conduct in the house of 1350 times in a year. The most disobedient cats of the country live in West Midlands: they annually make about 1500 violations.

However it does not prevent owners to love the pets and to consider them amusing. Besides, 40% of the British admitted that they love cats even more because of their tricks.

A of 91% of respondents were reported that never miss because of pranks of the cats. Two thirds of the British admitted that the bans and measures of education do not improve behavior of their pets in any way.

"You can be never sure of what cats will do next. But at many owners of their leprosy raise only a smile that indirectly allows cats to do everything that to them will like", – Toby Chelton, the official representative of the Felix company which ordered an opinion poll comments on results.

The most frequent offenses of cats are theft of a forage, circulation on kitchen tables and a dream in beds of owners in the presence of the ban to sleep there.

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