• Jan 24, 2020
the Englishwoman by the name of Christine celebrated by

Christmas on the companies of two unexpected friends.

It found on the street near the house a small cage in which there were two cats. They were left absolutely alone on cold, and they could die if whether not their rescuer. From above threw with a plastic package, the only protection against snow a cage.

Christine is sure that kitties were lucky as they were decided to be thrown exactly near her house. It is better, than the place where nobody would find them.

, black cats, two cats photo: metro.co.uk
"I do not know

how many they stayed on cold. I know only what there was not in their last evening. It is impossible to leave animals so: they were frightened to horror when I found them. The one who threw them could cover at least a cage better".

Christine works 18 years with animals and takes them on overexposure. She says that she never for all this time heard that animals were thrown here so, directly on the eve of Christmas.

 cats, black cats, pets, cats

photo: metro.co.uk

Now a main goal – to find to the saved cats the new loving house.

"They very good, tender. They precisely lived in family. Christmas holidays of a kitty were spent in heat and safety".

Thanks, Christine!

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