• Nov 23, 2020

of Toby is the real restless revolting soul. Once it represented a huge headache for his pupils in a shelter. Toby was that who constantly needed control and attention. He worried, grieved, whined, demanded are free and as soon as possible ran away. So there was an infinite number of times. Employees of a shelter at some point even despaired and lowered hands supposedly such savage will hardly find rest and family, it is not capable to be house.


Такая the alarm was not connected by figcaption id="caption-attachment-29622" with Toby's character. By no means not, this dog deeply in soul kind, attached to the person, reliable. His unconscious alarm, aspiration to escape from itself and circumstances it was connected with some disturbing past of the pet around. With it very badly managed in the past. Adopted, gave hope and threw out on a garbage can. The mentality of a puppy at that moment reeled, the soil crumbled under the feet.


Потребовались and stopped thinking months of education and several house overexposures that Toby felt in safety about escape, there is no place to run and there is nothing. Titanic works made of the rushing-about savage of absolutely compliant small, active, cheerful guy, let there is sometimes in addition a little little coward. He is ready to be on friendly terms, communicate, to be in the house with the person and even others of the pet. And, about a miracle, on that for whom least of all hoped and did not stake the successful card dropped out. Toby to go home any day. What strange warm word "house". Let it will be not an empty or temporary phrase for Toby. Good luck!

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