• Feb 3, 2021

Mother gave birth to puppies and was gone. If children were not found, hardly they would survive. Chloé together with brothers and sisters went to a shelter. And even after that not everything developed smoothly. Chloé badly felt. She had a diarrhea, vomiting and slackness. Droppers helped. And after her final recovery the girl even managed to be adopted, but on it her adventures did not end.


Хло ran away from the house. A message the former owners reported about it too late. Perhaps hoped that the pet will return or he will manage to be found quickly. But Chloé accurately stated the intentions. She dug the course under a fence and did not leave a uniform mark. Or from lack of attention, the bad relation to herself the girl ran away from boredom, and long four months from it were not messages. to Find
Chloé, especially live and safe nobody expected any more. But one conscientious girl in the days without a break looked for the fugitive and found! Chloé was returned. She was frightened and exhausted, but quickly recognized the old friends who saved her hungry childhood. So Chloé returned to the same shelter familiar to it again. Its former owners did not look for a dog, even when Chloé was already in safety, behind it did not return.

But also Chloé could find in a shelter to herself adventures. The naughty temper of the pet ran into a big bone which got stuck in a stomach. Hloye was necessary the emergency operation to save it from an internal rupture of fabrics and suffocation. As you understood, operation took place successfully and Chloé in fighting spirit and a cheerful spirit again. Such here she is a naughty little girl.


Взгляните on this beauty! Now in her look the one hundred mind are read. There is in this dog and an attractive youthful mischief. There is in her and a fear before foggy future. There is also an easy regret about deeds. There is also a melancholy for the former owners. But there is also a most important – hope that after all in her life, despite huge peripetias, everything will develop well. Chloé is attached!

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