• Feb 7, 2020
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of the Event within two months with an incredible speed. Such saturated history was not yet. Extremely careless summer resident got a dog, chained her, held on cold, occasionally threw her the picked bones. Still being 10 a monthly puppy, the baby underwent the attacks of an adult individual and brought posterity. 8 cubs were born this winter, two of which did not sustain weather conditions and died. Six remained with mother.

The remained puppies were noticed by the neighbor of the severe owner. Having decided that at least puppies are worthy the better life, the woman sounded the alarm. Volunteers arrived to the scene, could take away the six of kids and their mother with themselves. The adult individual was taken for survey of doctors. — to attach children in families.

Long 2 months activists placed numerous publications with a request to help to take kids at least on overexposure, and ideally in the new house. During this time the useless owner and a dobrozhelatelnitsa cooperated. They managed to accuse volunteers of attempt to raise funds for overexposure of puppies and to use them in the mercenary purposes. Offered several ways of development: or dogs are brought back and summer residents are engaged in their device, or will submit the application for an illegal whip-round for the purpose of a profit for volunteers! It is only possible to present what would happen with dogs in hands of such monsters!

Such threats did not frighten activists, nobody returned puppies, their mother still is on temporary care and waits for sterilization. The owner hardly fed her, does not care at all and did not provide appropriate conditions, especially did not interfere with the intercourse still of very young dog.

The majority of attempts to attach kids of mother were successful! 3 puppies went practically at once to houses, 3 more still on overexposures. Their stories are not written yet, but in general the picture appears iridescent, except one "but" … A cloudlet — a playful easy summer nickname, as well as character of a young and naughty dog. By it and years it was not executed, but a grief she could enjoy wholly.

The cloudlet was taken three times and ruthlessly returned as the rejected boots or sour milk. Simply and easily it depreciated. What did it do such outstanding, than it so did not please three families, time so many times threw it?

the First attempt

People saw the beautiful picture. The cloudlet is valid is good itself. It is completely bluish-black. Her hair beautifully shines, is poured. And eyes are radiant buttons, playful, such darlings and lives promising hope for happy dog! Any heart will thaw. Will thaw and again will freeze. As it was with the first family. People were taken aback from activity of a dog. Return was motivated so: cannot spend with it much time and if carry out a little — the dog shkodnichat. Cannot walk long with it, there is no patience to teach her to basic skills. And the more so they will not be able to endure those rare whims of a puppy in the form of damage of things. They simply were afraid and gave up.

the Second attempt.

The picture for these owners was tempting too. The cloudlet counted again to find the best friends and to become a part of family. But, alas. Two spouses returned it again. At the man the allergy to dogs as if met a dog in the life for the first time suddenly came to light. And still a puppy in a rush of a game wrapped up and damaged the computer. To live under the same roof it became intolerable.

Wiser, more patient and more humanely people did not find anything how to return a dog, but not to train her, to be engaged until that matures.

the Third attempt.

The cloudlet only just recovered from bitter losses, collected the thoughts and was already ready to become a favourite pet at last. But it was not only who in family applied for this rank. Owners had a cat. And he oh as jealously treated a puppy. He literally flew into a rage, attacked the Cloudlet, offended it, hissed, scratched, bit. The dog did not know where to put itself. She was intimidated, whined, asked supports, its eyes buttons always were on the wet place. To gradually accustom animals to each other, to forbid a cat a hysterics, people did not find it to support the baby by necessary. The beautiful toy was returned on the empty shelve again.

It became only of the brothers and sisters who suffered so much, did not find the house. A cloudlet on overexposure. And we believe that it has the most patient, the kind, generous, understanding, wise owner on light. Just it in way. And this long-awaited meeting will take place soon!

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