• Sep 18, 2020

you work out, keep to a diet or you meditate to reduce pressure, the level of cholesterol or to dump superfluous weight? If so, perhaps, you have to bring the pet also.

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Scientists found out that communication with animals reduces risk of development of cardiovascular diseases. In particular, it is proved by results of a three-year research 5741 persons at medical research institute of Baker in Melbourne, Australia. Owners of animals have lower blood pressure and level cholesterol, than those who have no animals. This result cannot be explained such differences in a way of life as smoking, diet, weight or socio-economic indexes.

Results of a research were presented at the 6th International conference on relationship of people and animals in Montreal. Article on this subject was it is published in "The medical magazine of Australia".

The research included men and women aged from 20 up to 60 years and it was carried out for 3 years. Participants did not know that the research is devoted to communication with animals. All of them with cardiovascular diseases got in clinic at institute. Most of participants lived in the neighbourhood, they were representatives of various social and economic layers, but among them were also people from other districts of Melbourne. To be convinced that selection it is representative, all factors were considered.

Each person filled out the questionnaire about a way of life, about a diet, physical loadings and smoking, alcohol addiction, genetic predisposition and clinical records.

During clinical inspection blood pressure was read, was blood test is received and cholesterol level is measured. Growth and weight also were are recorded. Up to this point people were not asked whether they have animals.

After all clinical work was done, each participant was asked, whether it has animals and if yes, asked to fill out other questionnaire. From 3394 men and 2347 women 784 reported that they have one or several animals. At 476 people were dogs, 421 held houses of cats, 136 – birds, 106 – small fishes, 28 – horses and 48 – other animals.

When all results were compared, it became clear that at owners animals much lower level of cholesterol, as well as indicators blood pressure in comparison with Not owners of animals. The difference was less it is noticeable in a case with women though owners of animals are more senior than 40 years showed much lower blood pressure, than Not owners. It corresponds to age at which heart attacks become the main cause of death of the Australian women.

When results were studied, researchers tried to define whether were other factors, except communication with animals, capable to affect result. For example, owners of animals could belong to higher to social and economic group which is subject to smaller risk. But not here was. Data showed that owners and Not owners of animals belonged to to identical social groups with similar marital status and equal level educations.

Consideration of the risk factors connected with a way of life also did not reveal nothing that could affect results. Though owners of animals were more are active, but they took more alcohol and ate more fast food. Owners and Not owners of animals had similar habits concerning smoking and the use salts. Also there were no differences in both groups concerning body mass index men and women.

So owners of animals can treat pets from bigger appreciation how "smaller brothers" enrich our life.

It is published in InterActions

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