• Aug 14, 2019

how the history of the ROYAL CANIN company began, residents of the small town of Gard in France know. The local veterinarian Jean Catari created in now far 1967 the real brand known around the world. Do not happen to some dogs of breed a German shepherd a trouble, hardly, maybe, this forage became known. Catari brought four-leg patients with a skin disease. The veterinarian decided to offer as treatment – the new balanced mix, a so-called dry feed. There was a miracle, dogs recovered.

Such approach was successful, and from this point Jean Catari started the whole production of dry feeds for animals. Over time it became clear that growth is necessary for the enterprise. The veterinarian Catari decided to sell his child, and in 1972 for that time a little known brand began to belong to the Giomark company. Thanks to efforts of this company, started talking about Royal Canin around the world. As they say, there would be no happiness …

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