• Oct 17, 2019

Jack and Diana found some in the middle of the cemetery. Their leads were connected.

When society of protection of animals appropriated them for the guardianship, was unambiguously solved: will not separate dogs, will find it the house in which they will be taken together.

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photo: iheartdogs.com

the Shelter considers that to Jack about 10, and Diana 7.

having A little observed dogs, employees of a shelter decided that between them not just friendship, and the most true love. And time they behave exactly how aged couple why don't they celebrate a wedding? Never late!

Is the first dog wedding in a shelter. And, it is necessary to tell, it is lovelier to find the groom and the bride difficult. How many they already together, of course, it is difficult to tell, however their feelings are to each other visible with the naked eye.

, ceremony, dogs, groom, bride
photo: iheartdogs.com

sheltered Jack and Diana already once, but they enjoyed the house not for long: the family decided that they do not suit them.

Therefore now couple still looks for the loving owners. And we trust, they surely will find them!

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