• Oct 8, 2018


Newlyweds Glen and Amy celebrated a wedding at themselves on the ranch in Australia. After the official ceremony, the photographer suggested them to walk with Glen's horse of magic solovy color across the field, hoping that photos will turn out, as from the fairy tale.

But far from it: the photoshoot was interrupted by the furious bull who forced couple to run at top speed together with the frightened horse through all field. However, though the plan of a romantic photoshoot was also destroyed, everything ended with not less interesting photos.

photo: dailymail.co.uk

Glen who professionally is engaged in a training of horses, tells:

"We came back from the hill on which were photographed as suddenly, from nowhere, the furious bull ran out and began to pursue us. Amy grabbed a hem of a dress and right there began to run away. On a photo it is visible how quickly she ran how the dress flutters on wind".

"The bull all ran in our party, my horse began to pull in panic me aside. But as a result the bull just stopped. I then thought what would be good if the photographer managed to imprint everything on the camera".

"It precisely became the most high point of our wedding. All who saw what occurred very well laughed. Though, it is necessary to tell, most of guests nevertheless did not know about our adventure as all sat at tables and were busy with drinks".


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