• Jan 16, 2020

the Six of "B", Bubu, Bamba, Bill, Black, Blikol and Bako, are ravens which do every day that not so all people do, though could: collect garbage.

 Photo: AFP News Agency/YouTube This idea which for certain appeared at employees of amusement park in France from desire to shame liking to litter led
to replenishment of the state by six very unusual employees.

Of course, crows not silly and are not going to work for free. They get paid in the form of a food.

"As soon as they understand that the paper piece brought by them lying on the earth exchanges us on something tasty, the skilled worker is ready — Christoph Gabori working with birds says. – All of them perfectly understand and are ready to bring garbage though the whole day."


But this at all not most difficult task which crows can carry out. The experiment made at the beginning of summer showed that they are even capable to create the tools helping them to solve any problem.

The six of "B" in the work not strongly works too much. Generally they select the stubs left by visitors as, fortunately, usually people nevertheless not strongly litter. But the experiment purpose at all not in keeping the park clean.

"Our visitors quite accurate and generally throw garbage into ballot boxes therefore sense of this idea not so much in purity maintenance how many in showing that the nature teaches us to care for the environment," — the managing director of the park explains.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/user/AFP/featured

Source: https://www.thedodo.com

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