• Jan 21, 2020

the Internet is filled with the recipes from the sphere of "traditional medicine" including dog saliva as an important component. Disposals of pimples and warts and even treatment of psoriasis suggest to use it for healing of wounds. Whether really dog saliva is useful and has curative properties?

The Dog Licks to the Person the Person of a Photo

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It is known that in Ancient China did not neglect medicinal properties of dogs: those treated soldiers, licking wounds. Also was considered that dog saliva is suitable for these purposes not worse, than ointments of sorcerers of those times.

Dog saliva really contains enzyme lysozyme which perniciously acts on a bacterium, so, can disinfect wounds when licking. And the Nobel Prize laureate Alexander Fleming, the inventor of penicillin, in due time carefully studied useful properties of saliva of dogs. And he by practical consideration proved that lysozyme contains not only in dog saliva, but also in milk, blood and even in plaintive liquid.

However whether dog saliva a panacea and in general useful "medicine" is?

No, and that is why:

  1. Lysozyme which contains in dog saliva can destroy not all bacteria, and (for example, viruses) does not affect other pathogens at all so it is at least not a universal panacea.
  2. Besides useful lysozyme, dog saliva contains a set not of useful opportunistic and pathogenic microflora. And if you allow a canine friend to lick the wound, it quite can be infected repeatedly.
  3. Through dog saliva of people can "catch" food poisoning, diarrhea and disorder of work of intestines.
  4. cases, let and not numerous when children up to 5 years and elderly people (65 years are more senior) got sick with meningitis after "kisses" with pets Are known.
  5. Through saliva of a dog you can catch parasites (in other words, worms). Symptoms which have to guard you: rash, itch, loss of weight, cough, belly-aches, diarrhea, increased fatigue.

Contacting to saliva of a dog more people with the weakened immunity risk.

However, you should not panic too. If the dog licks the person, especially healthy, it is improbable that he right there will get sick, skin badly absorbs saliva. And infection cases through saliva of a dog are extremely rare.

But nevertheless through mucous a mouth, a nose, eyes or a scratch to be infected quite perhaps. Therefore you should not neglect requirements of personal hygiene, for example, to wash hands after contact with a dog.

Certainly whether to believe in curative properties of dog saliva, to solve to you. But nevertheless is much safer and more effective instead of a slyunoterapiya to be treated by the means which were more checked and approved by physicians.

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