• Aug 12, 2019
If you ever communicated with the French bulldogs, then not to you to tell us as far as they can be those still little rascals. The couple of such curious quadrupeds from Thailand met with the deserts recently and unintentionally became bright green.
at Night little prankishes for certain looked for in kitchen something tasty, but, to their disappointment, found only … food coloring. But also it was not pobrezgat to stir up: and suddenly after all it is tasty?
Of course, the hostess, having seen morning of the green pets, for obvious reasons was surprised. But Dam-Nam and Sai-Aua not only извалялись in dye, but also diligently carried it on the house, not without the aid of two other brothers.
the Hostess told that she forgot to close in the evening a door on kitchen: "But I just could not believe that they so painted everything. My husband and I tried to wash them in the afternoon, but on some parts of a body green still remained. After that we, of course, were tired, but dogs, apparently, did not even suspect that something was made not so".
Krom of green wool, any side effects on pets was not noticed.
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