• Jan 16, 2020

regular collecting monetary donations, suggesting residents of Murmansk to offer 100 rubles in favor of homeless animals.
On a photo: Margo's cat. Photo: the I Look for the Person fund (Murmansk) https://vk.com/album-12826291_254133005

Средства, collected in "Day of the steward", transfers I Look for the Person fund to the volunteer assistants sponsoring the homeless and the thrown-out animals.
the Murmansk fund of support of homeless animals "I look for the person" has no own shelter. Animals live at volunteers. Startkapa – the monetary help which is paid to volunteers of Fund for coaching over homeless animals during search of the new owner help to support them. One старткап makes 1,000 rubles. The curator receives it on initial expenditure for keeping of dogs or cats. Repeated payments become if process of a pristraivaniye of an animal in kind hands takes more than a year. Besides, partial payment of sterilization and payment is provided to curators in case operation or medicines, for example, after road accident is urgently necessary for an animal.

"The administration of our fund did everything that similar payments became a "reinforced concrete" norm. Took an animal on coaching, address the fondovsky financial administrator for receiving the help. Found on the street of the injured animal, do not panic, write the financial administrator. Decided to be engaged in sterilization of a homeless animal – address us" — the financial administrator of group of I Look for the Person fund Olga Shirina tells the Agency of social information.

The administration of fund very much did not want to refuse issue of the starting capital or financial aid on sterilization to any curator. For this reason five years ago the fund began to carry out constant collecting monetary donations under the name "Day of the Steward". The idea is simple – to attract not indifferent citizens with the offer to offer very feasible sum of 100 rubles.

Collecting each of such days averages 15,000 rubles a month, they are enough for delivery of 15 startkap. But as the general treasury of fund is formed also of other sources, if necessary it is possible to carry out more payments. Especially it is relevant in the summer.

"In the summer the problem of the thrown animals becomes aggravated. Northerners in large quantities go to holidays and, without wishing to pay money for overexposure, force dogs and cats out into the street. Pets do not know life without person. They perish under wheels of cars, from teeth of dogs, from hands of dashing people, for hunger and diseases. There is a lot of similar animals that in our group of "poteryashka" there is even a picture — the template "it is thrown out or lost" — Olga Shirina continues.

The one-day action "Day of the Steward" is carried out in VKontakte every month. The post about fund raising is published in to group , a repost in group of fund is done then.

It is possible to do donations in the different ways: to transfer to the cash card of fund, to fill up "hungry phone", to transfer personally to the administrator of official group of fund that he filled up further the card.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru

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