• Sep 24, 2020

This terrier was so hated to the owners that decided to get rid of it in the most disgusting way. It in literal sense was ordered. Found the person, paid him for that that got rid of a dog. Way? Not important, whether it be the route where would throw out the pet. Or, for example, a bag and the small river — it would suit owners too.


Они, probably, and before tried in all ways to do much harm to an animal, beat it that with each blow to an animal it became worse. It can be understood, looking at a dog. The aged toothless deaf pet all in grazes, bruises. He was found exhausted and dehydrated with a dislocated paw from which limps.


В such depressing condition of a terrier found 100 vw and decided to leave by all means. Despite its time roughness and coldness, he is a kind and sensitive dog, just he was offended more than once from what at it it was developed reactions to protect itself, showing aggression. The love treats. We hope, and at last really will fall in love with this old man.

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