• Mar 18, 2020

Dickson — one of those to whom the sad fate was prepared. In the face of ten gapers he was hit by the car. From blow the dog oklematsya hardly, but after all gave hardly noticeable signs of life. It was come to the rescue by not indifferent people. Life of a dog managed to be saved.

Stray dogs sometimes are lucky slightly smaller, than, for example, to cats. And all because they have a clockwork temper and inexhaustible energy, sometimes total absence of fears, care and attentiveness. It played a dirty trick with Dickson. It ran along the usual known route on the affairs known only to it to one. Perhaps saw the familiar friend or hid a stone in the secluded place. Its way interrupted a gnash of wheels. Dickson pleased under the car in the face of ten participants of traffic.


Аварии on roads happen to animals victims very often. The reason for that is, of course, a chaotic and uncontrolled movement of the homeless. And secondly, carelessness, inexperience and recklessness of drivers. Sometimes the last are so cruel and indifferent that even flee places of crimes, leave hardly breathing bodies to die on asphalt. This time the driver realized all fault of the event and immediately brought an animal to clinic and just left at a threshold.

Veterinarians refused to help free of charge urgently the animal who got into a trouble. They called municipal services, and those are to the local fund helping animals. So the chain of events nearly ruined Dixon. It was impossible to hesitate with health of the kid.


У Dickson revealed a set of the closed changes with shift. A fracture of sciatic bones with splinters, a fracture of a podvzdoshny bone, lonny, a sacrum fracture with shift and a fracture of a tail vertebra, violation of ability to lean on the right chest and pelvic extremities, severe hypostases. The kid was on a hair from death with such serious damages. Now it in reliable hands of fund which appointed operation and due expensive leaving to the kid. Fund raising is open for its treatment. Let's wish to Dickson huge good health, forces and patience!

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