• Aug 14, 2019

 Homeless animal photos

On a photo: the animals thrown by people. Photo: google.ru

… Well, played — and from eyes down with!
Came to an end summer, and feelings came to an end.
is thoughtless to change here so soul —
Not most conceivable art!


And however, "animals" will also not understand,
of their Heart everything fight with the same belief.
They on porches sit and wait for
I trust, silly that they will wait …


Also falls, falls till the dawn,
As a shroud, a snow cover …
Of course that there tell,
A of "kind" people on the earth is a lot of!


Eduard Asadov "Summer residents"


With approach of fall summer residents in large quantities migrate to the cities. And in housing estates the cats who became unnecessary and dogs remain "to winter".

As a rule, a shchenochka or the kitten is taken "for children" for the summer, and then with peace of mind left at the dacha. For this reason distorts me when I see actions of the "zoodefenders" distributing puppies and kittens in underground passages to bus and railway stations: vast majority of people who take animals thus get rid of them with approach of fall. Doubtful zooprotection – but it is a subject for separate article.

Some unfortunate owners throwing animals try to calm conscience, assuring themselves and people around (mainly, own children) that pets will safely live "at liberty" that in the city they "worse and do not have a scope" and that they will joyfully meet owners in the spring. And if did not meet – means, found new owners at whom to them it is good.

However the reality strongly differs from similar imaginations.

 Homeless puppy of a photo

On a photo: homeless puppy. Photo: google.ru

You should not deceive yourself and others. Pets are not able to exist without the aid of the person – they are not adapted for "free life", and it is the price which they pay for domestication. While they are fed up by compassionate neighbors, dogs and cats still survive, but eventually there leave also neighbors. Or to them bothers to care for foreign living creatures.

In the beginning the cats thrown at the dacha and dogs suffer only from hunger, but if to them "has the luck" to survive in the first weeks, cold also is added to their sufferings.

Many puppies and kittens just remain on the site or nearby – and forever. Some try to look happiness in other places, get on the highway where perish under car wheels.

Often in search of livelihood of a dog and a cat reach the next villages and begin to hunt local living creatures or to steal food. What, certainly, does not delight villagers. Vagrant cats and dogs in villages are not – get rid of them, quickly and it is not humane at all. What methods are for this purpose used, it is better not to mention. If you want to learn – the Internet will prompt and will show.

Is very difficult to understand people who leave animals at dachas. And this act cannot find justification.

If you took responsibility for the living being, the last business – to give up it, dooming to certain painful death. If are not ready to take the responsibility for a dog or a cat for many years – it is better not to take them in general.

 Homeless cat and dog in the winter of a photo

On a photo: the animals thrown by people. Photo: google.ru

And what such citizens of children for whom they took in the spring a live toy teach to? Only to callousness, indifference to others sufferings and – what there – cruelty. And then are surprised why the grown-up children do not want to communicate with them or behave in relation to aged parents "not as it is necessary". What taught … to

In the countries where the legislation protecting animal, similar owners (and such meet and there) works very severe penalty waits.

For example, in Estonia, not so far from us, the owner who threw the pet is fined for the sum from 800 to 1200 euros or even goes to prison – for up to 1 year. Besides such person is forbidden to get further animals.

At us, unfortunately, the legislation in this sense, to put it mildly, is far from perfect. It is necessary to hope only for conscience of people and the remains of humanity.

Do not throw animals at dachas! To them definitely not to survive without you …

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