• Aug 12, 2019
"We thought, it left us forever". Owners did not expect that their 15-year-old dog is alive
Dobrynya volunteers found
on the street. With a fateful look, exhausted and exhausted, he was along a roadside, ready ready to do anything … In speed there were owners of a dog. But the doggie to them was not returned.
Dobrynya was in an awful state. Combed till it bleeds from flea dermatitis, dirty, with the unclear decayed "spots" on all body. He was such silent-silent, all could not get drunk in any way. And, having felt a soft laying under itself, at once fell asleep. Even did not wait for a dropper.
it became clear

After inspections by img-responsive: at a dog a problem with kidneys and oncology of one testicle. There is a question of castration, but the age and a condition of kidneys confuses. Saved from fleas, strengthened from droppers and normal food, had a rest on a soft sofa, Dobrynya considerably became cheerful.

On posts were in social nets which were placed by volunteers of group of the help to the homeless of animals Dobrynya's owners. Told: the amstaff is 15 years old, lived always on the street, regularly performed security function. Yes, owners understood that the loyal friend Sharik is sick, but did not show to the veterinarian. Thought: how many already remained to it … And so the dog lived much.

As lost Sharik, owners do not know. Say: children forgot to close a gate, and the dog left. People did not look for the loyal old friend: were sure – he left to die. But were ready to take away Dobrynya Ball …

Volunteers did not give a dog to owners. In group of the help to Dobrynya care, treatment and food is provided. It even has a personal sofa that never was in "house" conditions.
Volunteers are sure: Dobrynya will not leave the sofa anywhere, only if on other sofa, not less soft.

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