• Jan 15, 2020

A the dog can have a dog? Still as can! In the capital of Philippines one dog has not simply other dog, and her own guide! Recently this couple actively gains popularity in local media.

Kimchi (it, by the way, and the name of a hot Asian dish from cabbage) – a spaniel who is about 9-12 years old. He grew blind. For this reason the dog is accompanied everywhere by the reliable friend – an eleven-year retriever by nickname Ginger (in translation from English means "red" or "ginger").

Photo: lifewithdogs.tv

Owners of Kimchi at first doubted whether to take Dzhindzher as the partner for a blind dog. The retriever was known for excessive aggression in relation to dogs. However, it turned out that animals fell in love with each other at once and no problems arose.

Couple told: "Right after a shelter we led them on walk. It took place just remarkably – Ginger even several times licked the workmate. It turned out that Kimchi chose us as owners, and Ginger chose Kimchi as the friend".

Photo: lifewithdogs.tv

Saved Kimchi a few years ago when they its sick and almost blind threw on the street.

Three years later he completely lost sight. Fortunately, nearby there was Ginger — the reliable guide helping the friend to see the world. Owners of a couple claim that the retriever assumed such important role itself and did not undergo any training.

does not object

of Kimchi at all that it everywhere here is so driven. Well, in most cases precisely. They come for walk always together – the blind person and his guide

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