• May 28, 2019

quite often attribute to Pets magic abilities. Some consider that dogs and cats are capable to read mind of the person, others are sure of their ability to cure diseases. Scientists from the University of Zurich conducted a research during which they found out something interesting regarding abilities of pets.

Whether Cats and Dogs Are Capable to Read Mind of the Person

"Dog" experiments

Researchers selected 27 dogs of various breeds and put two people to each of them. The first pretended to be the kind owner and gave to an animal of delicacy, and the second appropriated everything "yum-yum". Dogs quickly understood who is who, and were defined in sympathies. showed after that them 3 containers:

The Dog Drags the Owner

  • in one there were sausages;
  • in another — cookies;
  • the third boxing was empty.

Pets could not reach food without others help, most of them ran up to "kind" owners and dragged them to food. When animals were deprived by opportunities to choose the person, those who got the generous owner led him to desired sausage. Pets of the "angry" owner went together with him to an empty container. Dogs understood that the greedy person also will not think to share with them therefore intentionally deprived of him "vkusnyashka".

After this experience dissipated the long-term myth about artlessness and naiveté of doggies. Then animals are capable to estimate the available choice options. These are the most real sly fellows who can go for deception of the owner for the sake of some benefit.

Team to a Dog

Studying ekstrasensorny abilities of dogs, the Hungarian researchers made a curious experiment in which pets and their owners participated. In the beginning scientists took 2 toys and placed them so that the canine friend saw both objects, and the person — only one. The owner gave to a dog team that it brought a subject, and the pet took that thing at which the owner looked it.

altered Then experience a little. Now the person was turned by a back to a dog. An animal, without noticing the owner, brought that toy which was pleasant to him more.

"Cat's" experience

Researchers from Eotvos Lorand University proved that cats can understand the person, having come with it into contact by eyes. They made an experiment in which 85 "fluffies" participated. the Essence of experience was in that that strangers tried to point by an animal to existence of a forage in a certain place, without involving any verbal means. Information could be transferred only by installation of visual contact with a cat. As a result in 70% of cases animals understood everything without words. Similar results demonstrate that "fluffies" are able to read out information, being guided by language of gestures.

Thus, thoughts can guess of a dog and a cat . Noticing the almost inaudible movements of eyes of the owner and fixing the most insignificant tremblings his century, they with ease define that it wants to report.

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