• Jan 21, 2020
Many owners are convinced by

that their dogs have a time sense, they precisely know when hour of a breakfast or walk comes. We bring to your attention 7 facts about time sense at dogs who can surprise you.

 huskies looks at the watch of a photo

  1. Dogs live in the present , they have no past and the future. They kind of forever got stuck in "here and now". And a birthday for your canine friend differs in nothing from other days of year.
  2. the Dog really begins to worry when time of feeding or walk approaches. However she relies not upon hands, and upon the amplified feeling of hunger and fullness of a bladder. That is dogs have peculiar "inner clock" . For this reason dogs are never late by a breakfast. And for dinner, of course, too.
  3. Dogs live on a 24-hour cycle and can be guided by position of the sun to define time of day.
  4. to read out time, dogs are guided by a set of markers , including by behavior of people (often unconscious).
  5. the Researcher Alexandra Horowitz assumed that of a dog determine time … by a smell! They catch the thinnest smells connected with some event and also are guided by changes of intensity of aroma.
  6. Dogs are able to distinguish short and long periods of time . The conducted research (Rehn, T. & Keeling, L., 2011) showed that than there is longer no owner, by that with the bigger enthusiasm the dog meets him. Though, of course, there are pets who begin to grieve as soon as we closed behind ourselves a door, and even the visit to a mailbox is perceived as separation forever, but these are more likely specific features.
  7. The schedule of a dream and wakefulness at dogs much more flexible , than at the person. And right after sound sleep they with enthusiasm will go to walk.

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