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In China (more precisely, in the city of Yulin of the Province of Guangxi) every year at the end of June there takes place the festival of dog meat. Every year there kill and eat up to 15,000 dogs. This tradition is connected with way to note a summer solstice. Participants of a festival believe that dog meat helps them easier to endure summer heat.

Festival of Dog Meat in China a Photo

On a photo: a festival of dog meat in China

Zoodefenders against a festival of dog meat in China

The festival of dog meat in China constantly is exposed to the most severe criticism from zoodefenders as in China, and around the world. Annually petitions with the requirement to cancel this action, including in a Russian-speaking segment of the Internet are formed. The most large-scale petition was created in Great Britain (it was signed by about 4,000,000 people), and zoodefenders are supported by both foreign, and Chinese celebrities. But still all efforts of animal activists did not make success.

In 2014 the local government stated that it does not support holding a festival of dog meat, but also does not forbid it as it "local tradition in which small a part of city dwellers participates". Organizers of a festival constantly say that "dogs are destroyed humanely, and their eating differs in nothing from eating of beef or pork", however it is worth looking at numerous photos and video of conditions of keeping and ways of murder of dogs on the Internet (which we for ethical reasons will not publish) to be convinced that this statement has nothing in common with reality.

The festival of dog meat in China constantly causes a barrage of criticism in the international media that not really is pleasant to the authorities of the country. Besides, sellers of dog meat are accused often of kidnappings of pets. However, on the other hand, the government is afraid even more of development of the movement of zoodefenders as sees in it threat to security.

In May, 2017 zoodefenders thought that they achieved a victory: The international organization Humane Society International (HSI) together with the Californian zooprotective Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project group published the statement that the local government banned a festival of dog meat in China. However the action nevertheless took place as the city authorities, according to them, "had no right to cancel the festival organized by the government".

The festival of dog meat in China was held also in 2018.

People who save dogs at a festival of dog meat in China

Japanese Mark Ching, the dealer in herbs and the nutritionist for animals from the USA, regularly goes to South Korea and China where saves dogs from meat and fur trade. Ching describes the trips as "extremely dangerous", he was beaten, plundered and threatened to be killed, but the rescuer does not give up and all the time develops new operations. It treats the saved dogs and then finds it owners.

The former teacher Jan Xiaoyun in 2014 during the festival of dog meat in China on personal money redeemed several dozens of cats and 360 dogs, and in 2015 — 100 more dogs.

The Canadian figure skater Duhamel's Megane became famous not only a victory at the Olympic Games, but also rescue of dogs who have to be killed on meat farms.

Also in 2018 the Russian volunteers saved dogs to whom the same fate threatened, and now ask for help to attach animals in new families.

Sad Dog of a Photo

Eat dogs in other countries?

Unfortunately, dogs eat not only during the festival of dog meat in China, but also all the year round in a number of the countries. By estimates of the international organization The Humane Society International, every year around the world kill about 30,000,000 dogs on eating up. And as for Asia, there this practice contains many centuries.

Dogs still eat in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, on Philippines and in some other countries. Only in South Korea, by some estimates, still kill on meat about 2,000,000 dogs a year.

However, a situation gradually changes. According to poll of 2016, 70% of the population of China never ate dog meat. Poll of 2014 in South Korea showed that most of the population do not eat meat of dogs. And most of youth which tasted meat of dogs, said that did it only under pressure of the senior generation, but not voluntarily. And in the same South Korea there is a hope that under pressure of youth which refuses eating of dogs this practice will gradually come to naught.

Taiwan became the first of the Asian countries in which forbade consumption of dogs and cats. In 1998 in the country slaughters for dogs and cats and sale of their meat were legislatively forbidden. However eating of these animals continued secretly, and in April, 2017 the law was toughened — consumption of meat of dogs began to be punished by a penalty of 8,500 US dollars. Also strengthened punishment for infliction of harm to dogs and cats — a penalty to 65,000 dollars and imprisonment for 2 years.

The Woman Embraces a Dog of a Photo

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