• Jan 28, 2020

In the USA congressmen are relaxed by dogs therapists. Visit by four-leg friends of people from the U. S. Congress became tradition and there is the third year in a row. Animals to Capitol Hill are brought by the Pet Partners and Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council organizations. Last time dogs therapists arrived in day of the beginning of another procedure of an impeachment of Donald Trump.

"Our purpose is in improving health and health of the person at the expense of animals. Not everyone can have own pet. Therefore the brought therapeutic animals can be useful", – the mission manager of Pet Partners comments on Mary Margaret Callahan situation.

During the visit of a dog visited buildings of Hart Senate Office Building and Rayburn House Office Building. The politicians who were there could communicate to animals, stroke them, talk to them. Organizers of the event hope that they besides dogs to them will allow to bring next time to the congress and "therapeutic ponies".

But then the meeting with animals should be organized already on the street. Here It should be noted that not each dog and not each pony can be involved in such therapy. Animals have to be trained also special certification. Also near them there has to be a trained trainer.

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