• Jan 15, 2020

Kot Charlie appeared in Berry's family still absolutely a crumb. It was taken from a shelter, and he became the general favourite just at once! He adores being in the center of attention. Now Charlie is six years old, but with age his need for human communication becomes stronger.

photo: thedodo.com
"Charlie loves people, he likes to sit at them on a lap, and still he sometimes slightly bites their legs if they do not pay attention to it. If he only could, it constantly would be near the person" — Chantal Berry, Charlie's mistress says.
the Only thing that saddened until recently everyday life of a loveful cat - it is the closed doors. Every time when members of his family dispersed on rooms, slamming behind itself doors, Charlie tried to get in the different ways inside.

Video: thedodo.com
It tried everything and tried to open doors. But it was impossible in any way … And once it after all found the unique way of overcoming any barriers on the way to people.

photo: thedodo.com Having been
before the closed door, Charlie at first attentively considers it. So to speak, assesses a situation. And, having hardly noticed a small crack, it pushes a paw there and turns over on a back, forcing a door to open.
photo: thedodo.com
Actually, the cat carries out a somersault back to open a door. Such behavior of the pet seems to all family members amusing.
" he always so does when wants to open a door and to make the way to the room. Such impression that he delighted with the ingenuity!" — Chantal says.
photo: thedodo.com
Just because a method of opening of doors at Charlie such unusual, it is so cheerful to watch it. Berry's family is convinced: their pet is ready for a lot of things to be near people!

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