• Aug 5, 2020

the Lord did not deserve at all how he was treated by destiny. It is wonderful small. The adult conscious dog who understands all in life keeps at a distance in it the world, possesses a set of high quality of the real wise and kind pet, devoted friend and reliable companion. But for some reason he was not lucky twice.

For the first time it got into family in the childhood. Happily lived among members of household of the whole three years, but happy days sharply broke the sudden death of the owner. The lord had to be been ahead in a shelter. Later time and the sustained mourning, the Lord found family in the person of the young girl again. The pet and the girl quickly found a common language. All was just wonderful. Walks, games, informal conversations, joint work and rest — the real family.


Лорд already was felt again happy in new family, but also here waited for it huge destroying all I trust, hope and awe in bright future the next treachery of the person. The girl refused the Lord for the reasons of personal subjective character. The lord was with a chipped washing-tub again.

Having visited a skin of the devoted pet, the second sincere wound for the Lord appeared a little, but it is easier. He already on an offensive habit understood what it needs to do in a shelter how to behave and than itself to entertain. Just now the Lord is to the hostel for pets. Only this time he is more optimistic in spite of the fact that chances of a pristroystvo are not enough.


Восьмилетний the age and almost motionless hinder leg can frighten off applicants, but about both the first, and the second there are no occasions to worry. The lord perfectly copes with everything, feels like a full-fledged dog, however, so far without the best friend. The lord looks for family.

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