• Aug 13, 2019

Many fairly believe that animals not so strongly differ from us as was considered earlier. And during observations of pets there is a question: whether dreams dream animals? Scientists asked this question too and found the answer.

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Of course, to ask directly a dog or a cat where they wandered in a dream, we cannot. But there are certificates that dreams nevertheless dream animals.

How to understand whether dreams dream animals?

Scientists found out it, using two methods of researches:

  1. They watched how animals behave during different phases of a dream and during wakefulness.
  2. by means of the connected electrodes recorded as the brain of animals in a dream and as far as work of a brain of animals differs from work of a brain of the person works.

These researches began still in the sixties the XX centuries. Medical magazines began to print materials that people make various movements in a dream, including kick, wave a hand and even run. It was quite strange as it is considered that during a phase of "REM sleep" of a muscle are kind of immobilized. Scientists went to quite cruel experiment, having removed a part of a trunk of a brain which prevents immobilization of muscles in a phase of "REM sleep" at a cat. And these cats did not lie not movably in a dream any more, and started walking and often were quite aggressive.

So scientists came to a conclusion that animals dream what they do in the awake state.

By the way, dogs in a dream often behave similarly.

However, and people sometimes as though participate during sleep in scenes of real life – it is connected with a state which is called violation of behavior during a phase of "REM sleep".

But now there were ways to find out what happens to a brain during sleep what chemical and electric processes are started. And what is important, these researches are absolutely harmless to examinees.

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So, in 2007 Mathew Wilson and Quenoueille of Louise from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology made an experiment, having recorded activity of neurons in a brain of a rat (more precisely, in a hippocampus which participates in consolidation of memory and the mechanism of formation of emotions). In the beginning the activity of a brain was studied during run of rats on a labyrinth, and then – during sleep. Also it became clear that work of a brain during passing of a labyrinth and in a phase of "REM sleep" is very similar. That is everything looked so as if pass a labyrinth in a dream of a rat.

And Daniel Margoliash and Emish Dave from the University of Chicago received similar results, having studied work of a brain zebroid амадин. These birds study songs, and it became clear that in a dream they kind of "rehearse" the arias.

experiments and with other animals Were made. It turned out that about a half of the data on work of a brain obtained in a dream coincides with those which were recorded during wakefulness of an animal.

animals Understand that they dream dreams?

Whether realize amadina what is sung in a dream and whether the dog understands that myshkovat or chased proteins during sleep, but not in reality? It is still impossible to answer this question.

Even the person not always understands that he dreams a dream, and realizes it only after awakening and that sometimes not at once. So what it for animals – to have dreams and whether they are capable to distinguish reality from dreams – it is not clear yet.

In general, in the field of a dream of animals there are a lot more open questions. For example, why different animals need the different duration of a dream? So, animals victims (antelopes or horses) sleep less, than predators (dogs or cats). And the share of "REM sleep" at predators is more, than at the victims (for example, 20% at cats and 3% at rabbits).

Surprisingly and what migratory birds sleep "on a clothes line", without interrupting long flight.

And to a dolphin it is necessary to take constantly breaths so the right and left hemispheres of his brain sleep serially.

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