• Jan 15, 2020

Very few people could think that sometime they should meet a drunk raccoon. But inhabitants of one of the towns of the USA have in an arsenal and such unusual history now.

So-called "garbage pandas" (for a habit to climb policemen and lovely black glasses around eyes) in Milton gorged on apples which after falling from trees began to ferment, having a little lain down.

The people puzzled with strange behavior of raccoons reported about them in police. Their main fear was the fact that animals could be mad. However, having arrived to the place, police, without expecting that, found raccoons not so mad, but just a little drunk.

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photo: people.com

All animals were taken away for a while to the site to allow them to sober up, and then released back.

But in spite of the fact that "apple wine" became the reason of strange behavior of raccoons in the city, the authorities all the same warn inhabitants that at a meeting with the disoriented animal, you should not test good luck and to approach it, hoping that it not mad, but drunk.

It is better to depart from it and to report in police which will deal with the troublemaker.

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